Safeguarding Our People and Our Environment

In the planning and development for a new mine or in the operation of an existing mine, two priorities tower above all others: the health and safety of people and protecting the environment. Mining has made great strides in the last fifty years. The planning and environmental review, testing, and approval process to permit a large mine in Alaska takes many years from start to finish, with dozens of local, state and federal government agencies involved in that process. Operating mines must adhere to high standards that ensure the environment is protected.

Operating safely also means that mines comply with rigorous health and safety rules that protect both mine workers and those who live near operating mines. Today, the processes and procedures that safeguard both workers and the environment are closely monitored and rigorously enforced.


Protecting Our Heritage

Fishing and hunting are a way of life in Alaska, and offers many rural Alaska Natives the chance to live the same traditional lifestyle that their ancestors lived for thousands of years. Protecting the land, air, and water must be a top priority for any mining operation in Alaska, and today Alaskans have developed rigorous rules and regulations to safeguard the environment, and to protect the safety of mine workers.

The review and oversight now in place assures protection of Alaska’s precious natural and outdoor resources while creating a climate where responsible exploration and development can and does occur.